Changed my url, can't use purchased theme anymore

  • I already posted this in the WordPress support forums, but I thought maybe you can help, too? I bought Portfolio over a year ago (still have the receipt and everything accessible in my account), but I wanted to use the theme on another url of the same WordPress account. I’m aware that I can use the theme only on one blog at a time. Thus, I deleted the blog on which I used the theme and (so it appears) deleted my right of use for that theme as I can’t apply it to my new blog (of the same account). I assumed that the theme was connected to my account and not the blog :(

    I’m extremely frustrated since I really loved the theme and spent my money on it. I already thought about buying it (or one of your other themes) again, but I really can’t afford that atm. Is there any possibility to restore my purchase or at least get a discount for a repurchase?

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