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    I am currently setting up two blogs, one for an actor and one for a production company. I purchased the Bromley theme expecting to have full access to change things (I previously used Tumblr which allowed me to do this) but have since found out I’m not allowed to change the ‘BLOG AT WORDPRESS CUSTOMIZED BROMLEY THEME’ which basically means if I can’t change this I’ll need to cancel the subscription (which is a shame).

    I’m not trying to prevent anyone getting credit and would be OK with it saying ‘website design by…………’ but I can’t have the text as it is.

    The blog I need help with is


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    I am afraid keeping the credits text in the site is part of the terms of service (point 11 here:

    However – what you could do is use the custom css upgrade to add some text to the beginning or end of the text. Would this be ok for you? If so let me know what you want to say and I can tell you what code to add.


    Hi and many thanks for getting back to me.

    Would it be possible to have it say something like : “Bromley design – Powered by WordPress”

    I’m sure this would be acceptable and the links are fine. The website is for a UK actor/writer and customized is spelt wrong for the UK which doesn’t look good.



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    Ah – unfortunately the links have to stay as they are – but extra text could be added in addition.

    Please keep in mind I just designed the theme – otherwise I’m not affiliated with

    That said I’d be interested to know what the issue is with the text (since your suggestion is similar). I’d be happy to pass on the feedback to the team.

    I know what you mean about the use of US English too – I’m also from the UK :) I may actually suggest they add en-gb to the list of languages since only a few phrases will need changing.


    Apologies if it sounds like I’m moaning at you, you’ve done a great job of the theme which is why it has been chosen for the site.

    I have a few issues with the text, firstly I don’t think it should be compulsory to have it for themes which have been paid for. I totally understand if I’m using a free one but I’ve paid $99 to upgrade then paid for a theme and I’m forced to promote both. It’s like going to Tesco for your shopping and having to have something on the side of your car saying “I shop at Tesco”.

    Secondly, the wording just sounds very ‘amateur’ in my opinion. Rather than blog at wordpress (which is just a blatant advertisement) I’d prefer ‘powered by’ which is mrs subtle. Also the ‘customiZed theme’ isn’t very nice.

    It is a real shame as everything else is great but I can’t see this being acceptable and I guess I’ll be cancelling and getting a refund.


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    No worries – the only reason I mentioned that I don’t work for is I wanted to make it clear that I can’t change anyting directly. That said – I do know people on the theme team so I shall send your feedback to them. They’re very open to feedback so perhaps your comments will help.

    Sorry we couldn’t work something out.


    Many thanks, your help is very much appreciated.


    Sorry to be a pain, would it be possible to send me the CSS needed to add text to the footer for future reference?

    Many thanks and I hope you’re having a good weekend.


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    The css required will likely be different for each theme, but for Bromley it would be:

    footer#footer:before {
    content:"Some text before the footer text";
    footer#footer:after {
    content:"Some text after the footer text";

    Note that you can’t add links – only text.


    Many thanks for your help, it is very much appreciated.

    One more question if that’s OK? Is it possible in the Bromley them to have 3 columns? So one on the left for some widgets, the central area for the post/main text and a column in the right for more widget.

    Thanks once again, have a good weekend.


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    I’m afraid Bromley only supports 2 columns, plus the widgets in the footer. There’s no way to add more.

    Have a good weekend too :)

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