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    How can I change the default red hover colour? When you move your mouse cursor over a posting title, the colour changes to a default red colour. This clashes with my site’s colour scheme. Grateful to learn how this can be done, perhaps with a line of CSS code? Many thanks, Allan LEONARD

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi there,

    This would require CSS to change. Since there a quite a few styles that cover the hover effect in Melody, this isn’t a one line fix.

    The following will cover most of the default hover colour in the theme but you may find more will need to be added. I set the replacement colour to #444444, which is a grey, but you can change that to whatever colour suits you. You can use this page to pick a colour, then copy the Hex value and replace it below :

    .site-main #infinite-handle span:hover,
    .post-navigation .nav-previous:hover a,
    .post-navigation .nav-next:hover a,
    .post-navigation .nav-previous:hover span,
    .post-navigation .nav-next:hover span{
          color: #444444 !important;
    .site-main #infinite-handle span:hover,
    .main-navigation ul > li > a::after,
    .single .tags-links a:hover,
    .post-navigation .nav-previous:hover, .post-navigation .nav-next:hover{
         border-color:  #444444;

    You can drop the above CSS to your Customizer under the CSS menu.

    If you need more help you can also visit the CSS forum for some guidance.

    Hope that helps!



    Thanks Sonia! That did the trick. You can see the result here, which I am very happy with:



    Theme Author

    Wonderful! So glad to hear that did the trick.


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