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    I’ve been making the portfolio page of the theme and was wondering if it is possible to order the content. Currently it’s showing in the order of the upload. Is there a way to change this?


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    Portfolio projects are ordered by date, so you’d need to change the Published date of the projects.


    Hi thelukemcdonald,

    I’ve tried changing the order this way by changing the publish date… it’s doesn’t seem to work correctly.
    On the Portfolio home page the order of projects doesn’t change, but if you click through to a project type, the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ options at the bottom of the page seem to be in the right order.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks! Jon


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    @jonharrisphotog: I just tested the theme demo and if I changed the publish date of a project, the portfolio archive displayed accordingly. Be sure to update the project after changing the date.


    My mistake… I had the dates round the wrong way…! Thanks!


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    @jonharrisphotog: Great, good to hear it is working for you!

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