Change Layout Settings for Specific Pages

  • When first setting up this site in 2013, I was able (if desired) to change the Layout Setting from the chosen default (Content-Sidebar) to one of the other options. An example of this is the Who’s Who page, for which I was able to select the Full Width Content option to accommodate the required table of content. I no longer seem to be able to select alternative layouts for new posts or pages and am locked into the default setting. How I can unlock the default layout setting to choose another layout for specific posts or pages only. I do not wish to change the actual default setting.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi Richard

    Can you still click the grey layout images to select them? Or are the missing entirely?

  • Hi Andrea,

    In the Layout Settings section, the Default Layout button is black dotted.
    All six grey layout images are visible, and hovering the mouse over each one shows up its border. But clicking on them does nothing.

    Meanwhile, over in Theme Options, again all the options are visible, but the Default Layout seems to be fixed as ‘Content Sidebar’.

    I have seen a similar issue raised on the general forum, (without a proper resolution being offered) that suggested it might be an IE issue, and that using Firefox provides a work-around fix. Not a route I would wish to take.

    By the way …. congratulations. Modern News is a smashing theme. Very ‘clean’ layout, intuitive for visitors to navigate and a joy to manage. Just need to sort out this newly iscoverd little niggle.

  • The IE issue was the boxes were not able to be selected at all and have no border show up.

    Even still, you can try clicking just off the edge. Make sure to save as well.

    Are you indeed using IE? If so, trying this setting in any other browser should work.

  • Ah ha,
    Great. Clicking just below (and only below) the required layout box manages to select the option. Must try to remember that.
    Many thanks.

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