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    Hi, can I please have the code that will let me choose the colour of the link clicky in the posts. If you view any of the artists posts on my site you’ll see these posts have a link to the artist’s own website, and instead of it being black I’d like it to be pink – but only those links.
    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi Leona

    Are the links always in the first paragraph, and are they the only link in the first paragraph?

    If so then you could use:

    .the-content > p a {
        color: #d6006b;

    If not then we may need to add a custom class to the link, or something like that, so that we can target the link exactly.



    That’s great, you even picked a cool pink colour too! Thanks Ben


    Theme Author

    Glad you liked the colour!

    I’m actually colourblind so struggle with getting colours right. That’s why I tend to use one or two bold colours in my designs. Makes things much simpler for me 😄



    It must be weird being colour blind, so good work on finding the perfect pink for me.

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