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    Hope you’re doing well.

    First of all, thanks for all your help setting up my site – it’s priceless!

    I now need to ask you for a couple more tweaks:

    – change hover colour from theme’s gold to my own

    – change the colour of “older posts” button from theme’s gold to my own

    – would it be possible to remove the little star under the blog post images?

    Thanks again!


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    Hi Cecilia,

    You’re welcome – it’s been my pleasure to help!

    1. Use the following CSS for link hover colors:

    .content a:hover {
        color: #fff !important;

    2. Can you please clarify which “older posts” button you mean? Where is this in your site?

    3. To remove the star:

    i.format-icon-tag {
      display: none;

    Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!


    Original poster

    Hi Emily,

    Thank you so much!

    By “older posts” button I mean the button that appears at the bottom of the screen on the blog page when you scroll down and reach the max number of posts per scroll.

    Also, is it possible to add a headline to the Featured posts section on the Home page?

    Hope you’re well and safe,


    Theme Author

    Hi Cecilia,

    Thanks for clarifying. Try adding the following style (which should remove the red bar from behind the button):

    #wrapper #infinite-handle button {
        background: none !important;
        box-shadow: none !important;

    And then you can use the following to change the button color:

    .blog #wrapper #infinite-handle button {
      background-color: #fff;
    .blog #wrapper #infinite-handle button:hover {
        background-color: #fff;

    I hope that helps! I hope you’re also safe and well :)


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