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    Hello, i need help to this website

    1) The box where Featured Posts are is White, i want to change it to Black.
    2) Plus, I want to change the letters to White, so it’s readable.
    3) If possible, I want the Featured Posts to not be visible on the normal posts lists until it’s kicked from the Featured Posts box.

    4) I want to make the height distance between posts on the main page smaller. There’s a blank space between them.

    The blog I need help with is:


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    3.1) Btw, I want to have only 1+3 Featured posts instead of 1+6.


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    Actually, I solved most of them by myself. But i still need this:

    1) Can the posts in the Featured Box don’t appear under it again if it is recent? I want to post everything as “Featured”, so I don’t want it to appear 2 times.

    2) Can the Featured Box have only 1(big) + 3(small) posts?

    3) Every post on the Main Page have a little useless white space under the thumbnail. Can i remove it?

    4) On Mobile, Can I make the Posts on the Main Page wider? They fell like they are compressed, and need too many lines to write the Title.


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    Hi there – thanks for the message.

    Do you still need help with this? It looks like you’re not currently using Romero.

    thanks – Ben

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