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    I would like to know how do I change the color of the (website) header from white to black?

    Thank you in advance,

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hey Jessica!

    Have you tried inserting a black square as the header background image?


    Hi Calvin,

    I would like to have the background white and the header in black…I guess I can change the color of the header with CSS? But I have never worked with it and don`t want to screw up the page.
    Also is it very difficult to learn & use CSS? I would like to have the design of my website more individualized…

    Thank you in advance!


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    With the Rainier theme, the background CSS applies to the whole site, including the header, unless a header background image is selected. Have you tried adding that?
    Adding CSS is possible, but can be pretty limited in terms of what changes can be made without involving custom development.


    I am going to use a white background image…My problem is that the menu on top of the page is white too. How can I change the color of the menu?


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    To change the colour of that font you’ll just have to add this to your theme’s custom CSS field:

    .main-navigation ul:not(.sub-menu) > li > a {
        color: #000;
    .main-navigation .search-input {
        color: #fff;

    Hope that helps!

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