Change color of all grey lines (Zuki Theme)

  • Hi!
    does anyone know how to change the color of all the horizontal thin grey lines on all pages (not only front page, also other single post pages).

    For example, Header line, footer line and also those short lines up top in the sidebar widget area.
    Thank for your support! :)

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi there,

    since you have custom CSS you use the following custom CSS (I think you already made the changes):

    #comments h3.comments-title, #colophon, #primary, #primary h1.archive-title, .template-front .widget-area, .page .site-content .page, .search-no-results .site-content .page, .default-sidebar, #front-sidebar-one, #front-sidebar-two, .nav-wrap, #infinite-handle, .single-post .post .entry-header, .archive .site-content .post, .blog .site-content .post, .single-post .site-content .post, .site-content .type-attachment, .search-results .site-content .page, .widget-area .widget {
        border-color: yourcolor;

    Best, Ellen

  • Ahh, great! Thank you Ellen!

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