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    Hi, is there any way of setting a category so that it doesn’t appear in the main blog feed once published, hide the post from view if you like.

    My site does gaming reviews but also previews. I only want the previews to show if you specifically select them from the menu so not to clog up the home page.


    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi there – I’m afraid this isn’t possible with

    If you had the business subscription then you could use a plugin to hide posts from the homepage, but by default it’s not something that can be done. Sorry.


    Hi, thought so but thanks for the reply. I tricked it into almost working by adding the preview posts as a project. All works well except for the spacing at the top, it sits over the header image. Any ideas why?


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    Ah – sorry about that. I think I’ve fixed the issue now.



    Looking at this example on mobile it still has the issue although ok on desktop now.

    Thanks again for all the help


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    Doh – fixed that too now! :)


    You sir are a gent. Perfect, I can use this now to hide the posts from my feed. Much appreciated


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    No problem – glad you worked out a solution! :)

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