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    Why doesn´t my tags and categories show on my posts.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello! Your blog is beautiful.

    Tags and categories are not shown on posts that are image or gallery format. They are shown on standard posts though.



    How can I change my comments to white text. As it is now it´s hard to read gray when the background is also gray.


    Do you have the Custom Design upgrade? Unfortunately the only way to change the text colors is through some CSS customization.



    And how do I change that ? CSS is very hard to learn for one who are not familiar with it and it takes a lot of time. Can you help me in this case to change to white ??

    I must also admit that I´m a bit disappointed regarding the tags and categories that does not show when I choose image. The purpose with my blog is to post pictures / photographs. May I ask the reason for not showing that but on standard posts.
    Kind regards // Anita


    Hi Anita,

    You can add this code to the CSS editor to change the text color to white:

    .coment-content { color: #ffffff; }

    I’ve opened a ticket for you to see about adding tags to image and gallery posts. I’ll keep you updated on this!

    Have a wonderful week!



    Thanks a lot Melissa. First it didn´t work but then I changed coment to comment and now the text color is white !!

    I have some more questions but first I will look at the 20 minutes walk trough video to learn more about Avid theme.

    Wish you a Merry Christmas !


    Merry Christmas to you also! We’re happy to help if you have any other questions. :)



    I have got a lot of problems with my old posts since I changed to Avid. Some image are gone, some shows double, and it´s a complete mess when I look back. I have 152 posts and started to rearrange some of them to look like before but it takes a lot of time. Anyhow…

    1. When I publish a new posts the image are no longer clickable.

    2. Since my blog is a photo blog I will mostly publish images. Sometimes I like to have more than one image, like for example:
    As you can see one image shows twice !

    3. I don´t like to choose “Gallery” when I publish two or three images because I like my images to be large and not thumbnails.

    From January 2016 I´m will participate in a photo challenge where I will publish 365 +1 photos during the year based on different themes and I really need to be able to handle Avid before I start. To every post I publish there will be a logo and a link to the photo challenge home page and I don´t like that logo to be shown on my home page but the image.

    Hopefully you can give me some advises.

    Thanks & Best regards Anita


    Hello Anita,

    Sorry to hear you’re having trouble! Hopefully we can sort you out shortly!

    1 – What do mean by “no longer clickable”? Are you trying to link your images to some other page?

    2 – The featured image is automatically added to the top of the post. That’s why you’re seeing the duplicate images.

    3 – Unfortunately there’s no way to alter the Gallery post type layout. You’ll want to select “Standard” post instead.

    Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!



    Hello Mellisa and thanks for your reply.

    How come that some images disappeared when I changed to Avid ?

    1. When you click on an image on my post, e.g. the picture will be enlarged on your screen.

    2. Is in not possible to have more than one image when I choose Image and can´t do something so that it doesn´t show twice ?

    3. When I choose Gallery I saw that in some of my old posts there were both thumbnails and large images.
    Do you recommend me to choose Gallery if I have more than one image ?
    To use standard for my images is not an alternative. Then I have to look of another theme. But I like Avid and hopefully, at last, it will suit me :-)



    …..suddenly everything in the top, below my header disappeared !!
    The Home button, my links to the photo challenge, my own created gallery 2015 and the list of themes for the photo challenge. In total four items that I created and now I don´t remember how I did. How can this happen ?
    Above that I have started to change my old posts to fit Avid so if I change to another theme I have to start over again. Grrr… :???:


    Hello again!

    Can you point me to a page where your images disappeared?

    1. The featured image doesn’t open in another tab, unfortunately. There’s no way to alter this behavior.

    2. Unfortunately this is not possible.

    3. The Gallery format turns standard WordPress galleries into the gallery sliders.

    You can learn more about the different posts type in the Avid documentation.



    …I went to
    and luckily it´s now restored but how can something like this happen when I did nothing !!! A bit scary theme you created Melissa ;-)



    Hello again and thanks for your reply !!

    In this post I have 3 images but only 1 shows.

    I already read most of the information in the link you gave.

    Kind regards // Anita


    Hi Anita,

    Looks like I missed your other post about things disappearing! When you go to the Customizer, you can change a lot of things, including menus and display. Nothing is permanently changed until you hit Save & Publish though…

    Unfortunately, any time you change theme, you may have to reformat your content in order to take advantage of each theme’s features. There’s no way around that — even with other themes out there.

    In this post I have 3 images but only 1 shows.

    In this post, were the images added to the post content or a gallery within the content? I am only seeing the featured image (and to be clear, Avid supports only one featured image).



    Hi Melissa,

    I changed this to Gallery and you can see how it looks now.

    But still only the not featured images are enlarged when you click on them but the other, below are. How do a make the featured image possible to enlarge. My last post today is not possible to enlarge. There must be some way to solve this.

    Thanks & regards // Anita


    Hi Anita,

    The image format only displays a single image.

    Unfortunately it’s not possible to apply the lightbox to the featured image in Avid or make them clickable.



    Hello Melissa,

    When I choose for example Standard or Link the categories and tags show but the characters are too large ! How can I make them smaller ?

    Kind regards // Anita


    Hi Anita,

    I’m not sure what you mean by this question. Can you please post a link to a post that has this problem?

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