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    When I switched my theme over to Opti – all my categories went under the top header which I like. However now that I have added a few more categories – these have not been added to the top header with the others. How do I get them to be added to this top section?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Hi – the navigation tries to optimise itself automatically but it’s not always perfect. If you want to change what’s in the menu then you can get absolute control by using the WordPress custom menus. Full details on the menus is here:


    I have all the headings I want selected to appear in the header, yet they do not all appear in Opti. After much research, this looks to be an ‘Opti-specific’ problem, as it is only selecting a few of my categories, posting them in any order, and not posting other categories that are selected, as well as not posting the ‘about me’ tab next to the home tab. Please support, adjust your code as necessary, and fix. Thanks!

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    Hi – if you use the custom menus as described above then it will display exactly as you have laid it out. If this isn’t the case then can you please point me to your site and explain what you have done so that I can try to duplicate the problem.


    Thanks for replying, that isn’t the case with my site. It is as I presented (I am well-versed with using WP and don’t need basic direction, I know how to do this, so please reply with that in mind).

    My site:

    The ‘about me’ should be appearing as it is checked to appear, and was placed in the header right next to the ‘home’ icon, but does not appear. Additionally, I have more than ten categories and only 7 appear, though all are listed to appear. All categories have content that will appear behind them.

    Additionally the colors will not alter unless I pay for that upgrade. The design is not the color I purchased—I purchased your basic colors, please revert the purples in my design to your original color. When I use the WP color menus it requires a $30 upgrade to alter and save any colors. There is no current way of altering colors in my account other than for a $30 upgrade. Perhaps you can activate something on your end for Opti so that my account will allow me to manipulate the design to my liking? I currently have zero options.

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    I had a look at your website and it seems that your navigation appears as you described. Did you solve the problem?

    The colours are controlled through the theme customiser. There is no need for a paid upgrade for basic colour support. Here is a screenshot showing you how to access the colour options –

    If the colour options are not there then this could be because you have enabled the custom colours demo mode. You need to go to the appearance -> custom design menu and disable it

    Please note that I have no control over your account and can’t upload anything for you or change your settings.

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