Carousels on gallery postings?

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    Does the Gallery theme support carousels?

    Photo galleries I’ve uploaded (as Galleries) are appearing with hover tools on my homepage, allowing me to cycle through thumbnails. However, clicking on the image—which I was hoping/expecting to generate a simple gallery carousel floating over the page—instead takes me to only the thumbnail of the active image centered in a page.

    Is there a workaround that allows the Gallery theme to support carousels?

    The blog in question is See the post “easter egging” as a demo of the issue.

    I have:
    • Enabled carousels in wp-admin pages
    • Generated these as Photo Gallery when creating them.

    Thanks for any advice/clarification.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    It sounds like you’re describing a “lightbox”, where the image is enlarged directly in the page, rather than a “gallery” which shows a series of images directly on the page.

    You can add a lightbox with a plugin. This is more of a plugin type thing that you can add to any theme.

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