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    I have my carousel widget set to display only specific categories. However, if I have more than one category set for a post, it always shows the category that comes first alphabetically instead of the category I have the widget filtered to display.

    The blog I need help with is


    I would like to display the category for which I have the widget filtered to display, not the category that happens to come first alphabetically.




    when you assign posts to multiple categories, the caption in the widget will always display the first category from the array of categories in alphabetical order. You can’t select the category that will be displayed in the caption, unless you assign one category to the particular posts and not multiple categories.

    In general categories are suitable for grouping articles at the upper level, for grouping articles at a more detailed level, you could make use of tags instead:


    If you look at my site, I have two category widgets below the slider to display posts by the two primary categories.

    I’d like to display posts in the carousel by the third category – Industry. But you’re saying this isn’t possible?


    Even through I selected the Industry category in the carousel widget, it still displays other categories.


    Okay, had to only categorize posts by those I want to show up in the carousel. I would be nice to have only the categories selected to show up to display in the text across the image.



    Yes, as mentioned, if you want to control what category shows up in the image caption, then you need to assign your posts to only one category, not multiple categories. There is no other way.

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