Can't view blog homepage on mac

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    I have had this issue for as long as I have had the theme but I just accepted it as being an issue with my Macbook, but I have just tried it on another Macbook and the same issue is happening – when I type in my blog URL, the content on the homepage doesn’t load at all. It is just a white page and nothing is visible except for the ‘My Site’ and ‘Reader’ buttons at the top. It’s strange because the mouse changes to show that there is a clickable link in areas where there should be one, but none of it is visible.

    I would say 1 out of 10 times it loads normally, but usually does not even when I leave it for a while.

    Have you come across this problem before? Do you know what it might be?

    The blog I need help with is



    Do you have any adblock software? I find this issue comes up a lot when I view pages and turning off Adblock and Privacy Badger will resolve it.



    Thanks for your suggestion! I actually have no idea about Adblock software or Privacy Badger so does this mean I don’t have it?


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    Can you tell me what browser you are using?

    Also did you try to access your site using different ISP?

    I have checked your site on my computer(Windows + Chrome/Firefox) and everything is working fine.

    Thank you,
    – Djordje

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