Can't change background color for separate post or page

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    I cannot figure out how you were able to select a custom color for this page in your demo of the OXFORD theme:

    According to your settings page (see quotation below) it sounds easy. But it doesn’t seem to work for me. Is there even a way to do is without messing around with CSS?

    If it can be done without customising CSS, it would be very much appreciated if you could walk me through step by step.

    From your settings info page:

    ”Post Background Color

    Posts in Oxford can optionally have a custom background color. This background color is only shown in the single post view. To set a custom background color, find the Background Color metabox in the right column of the Edit Post screen and click Select Color to reveal a color picker. A field where you can specify a six-character color hex code will also appear.”


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Original poster


    By using CSS (see below) I’ve managed to PARTLY solve the problem of setting custom background color for single post / page only. What works and does not work:

    LEFT BORDER – OK: The left border (tags, categories, etc) has the main custom background color GREEN that I have set for my theme.
    CONTENT AREA – OK: The content in the middle with text and image has the custom background color WHITE that I’ve set for this single post / page.
    RIGHT BORDER – NOT OK: The background color for the empty right border of the content on this single post has not changed. It still GREEN as in the left border and not WHITE as in the content area.

    On your demo of the single post ”New dockland to be built as early as next year” it works exactly like I want my single post to look like:
    a) The left border uses WHITE as in the background color set for the main theme.
    b) The middle content uses the single post custom color BLUE.
    c) The right border uses the same BLUE.

    The CSS style that did worked for me to change the background color of the content area:

    .postid-489 #content-wrapper {
    background-color: #ffffff;

    Of course there must be a similar style for customising background color for the right border area, or? If there is, what shall I type in the CSS field?


    PS: Like other users in previous posts have stated, simply setting the background color for single post / page directly by ticking the box in the settings field does not work at all or only partly. Because those few times it does work, it only changes the background color for the right empty border area. Which is ironic, since, as mentioned above, I have the totally opposite problem when setting background color using CSS.

    Theme Author

    Hey Carl 👋

    Nice work with the CSS! We can circle-back to this method, but first let’s try to use the built-in features to do this…

    1. In your dashboard, scroll to the bottom and click ‘WP Admin’.
    2. Navigate to Posts > All Posts and select to Edit your Post.
    3. Look for the options in the sidebar called ‘Background Color’.
    4. Set a color and click Update.

    I hope this helps!


    Hey @scottrrollo, I’m having the same problem as podaliafilm (and many other people). Your suggestion does not work at all. Will this bug be fixed? If not you should update the Theme description so more people won’t be mislead.

    How can I fix this with CSS? I would appreciate a step-by-step guide.

    Theme Author

    Hey there, @annemartesmebye 👋

    Happy to help! What about the steps I shared isn’t working? Are you not seeing the options? Or are the options not working once you use them?

    Let us know! Thanks.


    Hi Scott,

    This doesn’t work for me either. The options are there and straightforward but it just doesn’t change the colour. Weird!

    Theme Author

    Sorry to hear that, @callumtm!

    While we take a closer look, would you like to see if we can handle this with some custom CSS code? If yes, please share a link to each post you want to edit and let me know the color for each.


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