Can you tell me if I can..?

  • I’ve been through the tutorial video (VERY helpful!) and set up some basics.

    I’m wondering, in the portfolio’s I’ve set up (portraits and pets are the only thing with anything in them so far)- can I make a separate ‘post’ For the featured slider that when clicked- would take me to a portfolio page (and everything on it?) The idea being using the slider as a big navigation tool so I could trim down the menu’s up top of the page.

    If Not….

    Is there a good way to make more room in my menu bar? I would like to avoid using sub-menus as much as possible (as in pets under portraits on my site) as I think they get missed sometimes- especially on mobile. I’d still like to add a shop and a contact, maybe an about and It’s already a little cramped…

    Thanks for any advice! looking forward to fixing it up nice!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Any advice would be greatly appreciated…

  • Okay- now this feels like it’s taking forever to hear back…..

  • Hello Mike!

    Hope you had a nice weekend (we’re able to answer questions Monday through Friday typically, but our team is off on weekends).

    To answer your question, it’s not possible for the slider on the homepage to go to pages instead of posts.

    As for expanding the menu, you might be able to do that a bit if you have the Custom CSS/premium plan upgrade. You might consider removing the home link since it’s redundant with the header link. Other than that, I’m not sure how I’d advise you to handle this.

  • I did thanks Melissa , sorry- I thought I’d been forgotten!

    Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I have made myself one problem though,

    I accidentally deleted the page ‘home’ rather than the menu item ‘home’. I have restored the page from the recycle bin- but now have a landing page that’s empty and a home page somewhere out there that’s set up how I want, but seemingly not connected to anything?

    Any idea how I would fix that please?

  • Hi Mike,

    Can you reset the front page of your site? Either via the customizer or the reading settings in the dashboard?

  • You beauty! That did the trick, thanks so much!

    Have a great week Melissa

  • Glad that worked! Let us know if you have any other questions!

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