Can you please set the menu item to open the submenus even by touching the name

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    Greetings. It is a proving a little difficult to exactly touch the + sign in the menu items on mobiles in the first time to open the submenus. Can you please set it that it opens the submenus even on touching the menu link text if the that parent menu is not a link? We are planning to make the complete blueprint of the whole database with the tree menu structure since everything can be accessed from there instantly as it is floating too. So we want it to be the easiest to click and open child menus. We have found that it is best not to add any url for parent menu items anyway as while trying to touch the + it ends up touching and opening that url instead if the parent menu is also an url.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


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    Hi – that’s a good idea. I’ve made the change so that tapping menu items that have no link expands the sub menu.

    I’ve also tweaked the expand menu block so that it’s a bit bigger, which should also make it easier to interact with.

    This change will go live the same time as the author archive fix.


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    Oh, thank you very much.

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