can puzzle direct link to another website url

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    hi there
    I’m trying to link this fundraising platform
    directly to a menu page selection ‘sign up’ , and or a featured image on home page called ‘sign up’

    currently you have to click on the featured image or signup page from the menu to open a post, and then click again on the image in the post to hyperlink to the fundraising URL.

    hoping/wanting to cut one of these clicks out and go direct from the image or sign up page to the fundraising URL

    any tricks you have up sleeves to help appreciated


    The blog I need help with is:


    Theme Author

    Hi there.

    Really like the sound of your campaign (as a vegetarian I think it’s a positive thing! :) )

    Unfortunately there’s no way to make one of the puzzle items link to the fundraising page – however you could do one or more of the following. Whilst not perfect they would hopefully help.

    1. Add a link to the campaign page as a custom link in the navigation
    2. Add an image widget that shows in the footer (and the sidebar) that links to the campaign page

    Original poster

    Thanks binarymoon, really great help, as aways. I’ve gone with both a link in menu and a sidebar image.

    Appreciate the positive feedback. If you’re feeling it, host a no meat dinner party this May and invite some of your fave meatheads around for some culture changing good times. #nomeatmay

    and or challenge a meathead to take up the challenge.

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