Can I post here or not?

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    Quite frustrated with all the finger-pointing and runaround about support for this theme. Can I get support or not? The details of that are scattered and contradictory. It appears that I can post here, yet when I do, the post doesn’t appear. Is it being held for moderation? Or is my ability to post disabled? It ought to be clear which one is true, no?
    About to click the “Submit” button, so it sure appears that I can post, but…this is about to vanish.

    The blog I need help with is



    Well, at least this time my post actually appeared…last time I tried that, it didn’t show up at all. Maybe there was a hiccup last time, or maybe this one will vanish in a moment. I guess I’ll try re-posting my question and see what happens. Fingers crossed.



    It now seems I can actually post here (phew!). Feel free to delete this thread if you like as it doesn’t contribute anything.


    Theme Author


    I am sorry to hear that you had problems with the forum. has recently made forums upgrade, so it is possible that there was a temporary glitch.

    If you have feedback or see something strange in the support forum, please let team know @

    Thank you,

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