Can I download the theme?

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    Hi, can I download this theme for use on another domain

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    1. Go here (basically go back to the themes page where you first selected your theme on

    2. Find your theme.
    3. Click it to see the details.
    4. Start looking around the title and you’ll see some other name like “96Themes” or “ThemeEverest”. This is the name of the company/group/designer that created your theme.
    5. Google their name. usually these folks create the theme and have a separate site where you can download that theme for wordpress sites hosted elsewhere. They often also make these themes so they will run on other platforms like joomla, etc..
    6. you may have to pay for the theme separately if you want to download it from the designers site. They put lots of work into these. yes you paid for it with but think of it this way. While you are in college you get to use all the books in the library, but if you want your own copy for your home use, you don’t get to just go into a bookstore and take home a copy of the book just because you can access it from your school library. You have to pay the bookstore to have a copy you can keep.


    DailyMag was created by upthemes. Look in the breadcrumbs for this very forum.. see their name Premium Theme Support > UpThemes > DailyMag.

    Now, just go to their website, and you pay them and you can download it for use outside

    DailyMag Theme

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