Can i customize size of slider widget? How?

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    Hi Micheal,

    How are you? Thank you so much for all your help that now my website looks much better (you can visit and give me feedback the overall, ignore the language though :) )

    Here’s my question this time
    I’m quite aware that ‘Slider Widget’ has 2 size options (620×264 and 940×400) it’s pretty narrow, is there any way to customize the height or width using css code? if possible please kindly help..I wanna get the same size as the spotlight one.

    Thank you once again :)


    The blog I need help with is



    Hello Joe,

    sorry, that would be only possible with theme customizations and you can’t access theme files on Modifying theme files is only possible when running a self-hosted website.


    That’s sad :(

    thank you any way

    have a wonderful day/night

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