Can I change the portfolio page title from 'Projects?

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    Just wondering if the default page title of ‘Projects’ in the /portfolio/ page can be changed?


    The blog I need help with is


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    Unfortunately, this can’t be changed for the default portfolio archive. That said, if you create a new Page and use the “Portfolio Archive” page template, the title given to that page should display.

    The downside here is I don’t think you can keep the same slug in the URL structure e.g. /portfolio/. The page url usually takes on the name of the page title, however, if the slug name already exists a “-2” will be appended to it. For example, if you were to name the new page “Portfolio”, the slug “portfolio” already already exists so the new slug might be “portfolio-2”.

    I don’t know if that helps or confuses you, but it’s something to think about. You might give things a try and see how they respond.


    Yeah, I’m still tossing up whether to use the Portfolio page, or use a regular page and make it display my portfolio projects… both approaches have downsides unfortunately.

    I really would prefer to keep the slug as ‘portfolio’ if possible, as well as have the page title as Portfolio instead of Projects – it’s pretty inconsistent to have the slug as ‘portfolio’ but the title as ‘Projects’. My other issue with this approach is that because I am using the Grid page template for my static homepage, if I use the Portfolio setup then I can’t seem to get one of the Grid ‘buttons’ to point to the Portfolio landing page.

    But if I go with a regular page, call it ‘Portfolio’ and display my projects in there, then because it has to be child page to the Home Page in order for the Grid to work, then it messes with my urls – I end up with something like My preference is to not have the /about/ in there, as there is no level between the home page and the portfolio.

    Any suggestions on a clean solution to all of this that I’m missing?


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    Unfortunately, the way things are setup with the Portfolio post type is the way it has to be. The theme doesn’t control the post type slug name or archive title, unfortunately; I don’t know of a way to change this on, either. There are ways to get around this for self-hosted sites where plugins and child themes can be used, but that is a bit more involved.

    If you used the page template and gave it a slug of /projects/, having the page title “Portfolio Projects” might tie the two together. If nothing else, maybe a different slug would work too, like /work/.

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