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    Hi there
    I just added 8 posts to my Bromley header/slider. It worked fine though the posts changed every 1 or 2 seconds.
    I removed 4 posts to stop the slider as it was really fast.
    I mean it goes REALLY FAST.
    Why anyone would want their slider going like that is beyond me.

    I’ve gone to the ‘featured content’ section in ‘Customize’ but there is nothing there to change the speed.

    Is there any way I can slow the slider down to a more gentle pace? Maybe every 10 seconds?


    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi there – sorry to hear you’re not happy with the slider in Bromley.

    I’m afraid there’s no way to change the speed of the slider. The slider will change slides every 5 seconds.

    If it’s going faster than every 5 seconds then I’d need to see the problem to be able to work out why it’s happening and fix it.


    Yes 5 seconds seems about right
    Even so, its still really too fast.
    Its surprising to find that there is no way to alter the speed
    The slider was one of the things that attracted me to Bromley in the first place and have been looking forward to having enough posts to get it going.

    Now I wont bother at all.

    Thanks for dropping by and letting me know anyway.



    Theme Author

    Hi Andy – thanks for the feedback. I’ve been looking at this and think you might be right. I’m going to increase the duration to 7.5 seconds. In my tests this gives enough time to read the titles of all the posts.

    Also – note that the slider pauses if you hover your mouse over the slider. This allows you to click the currently visible posts.


    Hiya BM: That’s great. Do you think you could let me know when you change it? That would be fantastic.

    BTW I also have a second WP site that uses Opti. I went and had a look and the slider is also five seconds but for some reason, visually it works. I think maybe because it’s only one window that’s being displayed.

    I personally think a more gentle pace of 10 seconds would work really well with Bromley but will look forward to your 7.5 ha ha

    Thanks for your feedback and please let me know when you alter the speed via my e-mail (shall I post it here?)

    Nice one on getting back to me.
    BTW Generally Bromley is a wonderful blog theme :)


    Theme Author

    I’ve published the change already – however I have to wait for the team to verify the change and publish it to live sites. I don’t know when they’ll do this but it will probably be Monday since it’s currently a weekend.

    I think you’re right. It needs a bit more time on Bromley because there are 4 panels – whereas with Opti there’s only 1 headline at a time so it’s easier to digest the content.

    Have a good weekend


    Wow man > What a day this is turning out to be. Are you the creator of the Bromley theme then BM?


    Theme Author

    yeah – I make themes (Bromley and Opti are both mine), but I don’t work for As such they check all the code I submit – this can slow things down a bit, but it also keeps things secure so it’s worth the hassle :)

    You can see all my themes here:



    My God > Well I’m truly honored tonight BM
    Your site makes my world go round as they say!

    So shall I just have a try with my slider on Monday evening? What d you think?


    Theme Author

    Hi – it should be live now. Let me know what you think.


    Hiya there BM
    Looks much better. I’m going to mention it in one of my guest-blogs for Opinionated Man.

    Big Time Cheers for all your help

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