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Bromley Comments Nesting/Threading Not Very Nested/Threaded

  1. When I originally purchased the Bromley theme (about a week ago) I noticed that comments were nested/threaded with a bit of a dark bar on the left-hand side of each nested comment to indicate that a comment was a response to the one above it. Now that seems to be gone. While I think the lack of bar is a cleaner look, there is really no "nesting" going on to show a true dialogue anymore. No indents, nada. I can see that a faint line separating comments goes missing when people reply to specific comments, but can't we do a little more to show comments that are speaking to one another?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi - sorry about this. I haven't knowingly changed anything to do with the comments styles - as far as I know the indents should still be there.

    I shall check the code and see if I can work out where the indents have gone.

  3. Hi - I've found the problem and a fix will go out in the next update which should happen in the next couple of days.

    Thanks for pointing it out - and sorry for the trouble.

  4. Hi - this is fixed again now

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