Bottom Left of Page Continually Says "ERROR: This page has not been published"

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    I have a couple problems, I get the “Error this page has not been published” message at the bottom of my pages on my website. I continually “Save and Publish” my website and it still gives me the same ERROR.

    My second problem is that none of my social media accounts are linking to my “Instagram or Pinterest” icons at the bottom of my page (right where the ERROR message occurs as well).

    Can you help me figure out what is going on? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is:


    Theme Author


    For the social media links, it looks like the url entered isn’t correct. I see the following for Instagram:
    when it should be
    (amazing pics, by the way)

    Just remove the double site urls and you should be good.

    As for your first question, are you seeing this on published or unpublished pages? I’m not seeing the error anywhere but it sounds like a issue so I’ll get someone from the amazing team to jump in and help with that.





    Hi there – I’m seeing 8 published pages and 3 published posts on your site. Were you able to get the issue with publishing pages sorted?

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