Blog Title "sub-text" disappears no matter header image

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    Let’s see… My blog, Being Julz, has the sub-text, For the love of African Violets and other random things…

    I’ve tried a few different custom header images – some lighter, some darker – and the sub-text seems to disappear into the image either way. It seems to lighten up if I go with a lighter image and then, if I go with a darker image the text seems to be in a darker font. (Hope that makes sense)

    I have figured out that I can change the color of the blog title itself but I can’t seem to change the sub-text.

    What am I goofing up or would “fixing” this require an upgrade to custom CSS, I’m not quite ready for that… :-)

    Thanks for any help,

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Never mind, I see that the question had been answered back on Feb 26 on another post… I need the custom CSS upgrade.


    Hey losingjulz,

    Correct. The CSS upgrade would do the trick and allow you to make these style modifications.



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