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    There appears to be no way to change the size or font of the blog title. I don’t know how to use CSS where there might be a solution, and I like the rest of the blog format.

    How can I change the size and style of the font in the title of my website?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


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    Hi Geoffrey

    Whilst you don’t know css you can still use it to modify your site. Things like font sizes are super easy – and I can tell you the codes :)

    If you don’t have the custom css upgrade then I’m afraid there’s no way to edit the font size for the header.

    If you do have it then just add the following code through the theme customiser:

    #main header h1 {

    You can play with the 200% value to get sizes bigger and smaller. The default is 123% so 200% is bigger – and 300% will be more than double the size. If you use the theme customiser then you can see the changes before you save them.


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    Thank you. I purchased the theme and it appears to provide CSS access for the user, but until I understand how to do it, I will leave it alone. Thank you for your reply.


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    If you have the css upgrade then all you have to do is copy the code I gave you – and add it to the custom css editor. It’s very easy. There’s more info on it here:
    and here:

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