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    Hi there!

    I seem to be having some issues with the blog post page. If I set the total posts (“Blog pages show at most”) on a page in Settings > Reading to 10, it only ever loads 10 posts–even after pressing the “older posts” button on the blog. If I set it to infinite scroll instead of having an “older posts” button, the same thing occurs.

    Changing the total posts to a greater number allows for more posts–but it’s all or nothing. Either all the posts load at once (instead of being 10 to a page or what have you) or I can only load as many posts as I allow, period. I’ve explored the WordPress settings in depth to try and find a solution, but I believe the issue may have been narrowed down to the theme.

    I’m hoping to have a certain number of posts per page, but still allow for readers to access all of the posts by clicking through. Any ideas?

    Thanks a bunch!

    The blog I need help with is:


    Theme Author

    Unfortunately, I’m not able to replicate this on the demo site. Can you test the theme demo and see if new posts load for you?

    If the paging works for you on the theme demo site, I’m thinking there could be a plugin conflict on your site or a plugin that is manipulating the paging functionality. I can’t be sure. In this case you may need to deactivate plugins and try again, activating one at a time.

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