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    I have been working with web-development for a while, but this is my first time using WordPress.
    I had set up a blog using the christopher theme, and i had some lorem ipsum placeholder text in my posts. When i went to update the texts in the posts, the preview texts on the front page in the “recent posts” widget didnt show up. I have found no differences in the texts and cannot for the life of me figure out why this is happening.

    Image of issue:

    Do you have to set up the text in some special way for it to appear on the front page widget, or am i doing something wrong? I am also using WPBakery to setup the posts.

    The blog I need help with is



    Nevermind, i found a workaround for this issue. However, i have an additional request. As others has asked i also want an instagram feed to appear on the right-hand side of the front page. What plugin/widget should i get and how to i make it appear on the right side?

    Best regards, Mats


    Theme Author

    Hello Mats,
    thank you for writing and using our theme.

    Nice to hear you solved the issue.

    About the Instagram Widget, you can use the Instagram Widget that comes with

    If you need more features, then this plugin works fine:

    Hope this helps :)
    Ricardo P. from SiloCreativo



    Thanks for the reply.

    However the Instagram Widget as shown in the tutorial in the first link does not appear in my widget list, so i dont know how to get it.
    I have also tried using the Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed, and the plugin from WPZoom but i cant figure out how to have it on the side and not at the bottom of the page. If i try to put anything into the Right Widget Area section, nothing happens. Let me know if you need screenshots or any other info to help.



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    Hello there,

    yes, you can use the Right Widget Area section, but this area only works inside of posts (single post view). The homepage requires the 100% of width, so you can add the Instagram Widget in the Footer Widget area.

    It’s a bit weird you are not able to use the Instagram Widget that comes with It is very simple to connect and use and it will really help here.

    I’m going to add a WPcom staff to this topic in order to check why you are not able to use this Widget.

    Thank you again!
    Ricardo P.


    Hi @properators and @ricardpriet,

    From the Instagram widget docs:

    Instructions for sites with plugins and custom themes

    If you have a site with plugins or a custom theme installed, please use the Instagram Feed Plugin or another third-party plugin to show your Instagram feed. Otherwise, the instructions on this page will not work.

    Danny Dudzic
    Premium Themes – | Automattic



    Thanks you so much for the quick replies guys!

    We have decided its fine to have the instagram feed only show up on blog posts. so all good there. One final question though: How do i remove the yellow line at the bottom of the page?


    Theme Author


    Yes, you can hide it adding this CSS to your site:

    .site-info {
        display: none;

    Here you are how to add it:

    Hope this helps :)

    @danieldudzic thank you for the info :)

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