blog post page not showing correctly

  • Hi there,

    I recently noticed that my blog-post is not showing the design I made for it. When I got to my blog: I see a page with images and no titles. When I go to edit the blog-page itself, I see a completely different design, the one I initially made, which includes titles and excerpts for each blog post.

    I can’t figure out what happened (and also not quite when it happened). Any idea how I can make the blog-page look the way I designed it to look?

    Thank you!


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi there,

    After posting I suddenly realized that I’d added some custom CSS to minimize the quite large white space at the top of my page/near the header (.entry-header { display: none; }). It turned out that this caused the blog titles to disappear, somehow.

    So, I both caused and fixed my own problem ;-)



  • Hi Astrid!

    So glad you were able to figure it out. :)

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