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    When you view the listing of the blog posts on the bottom of the front page, all of the featured images are displayed at their original dimensions. Can you resize them or do a hard crop on them like in the blog archive (on my site it’s called “news”) so that they are a uniform size?

    With your help, I am hoping to save myself the work/stress of editing photos to be a uniform size prior to uploading them!

    I understand this might be a Word Press issue and there is nothing you can do. Thanks!

    Hopefully my last question (famous last words!)

    The blog I need help with is


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    The size of the featured image on the Front Page template is 800×480px (banner). Archive views display thumbnails that have 250×250px (square). These thumbnails are generated automatically by WordPress.

    I am afraid it’s not possible to change a dimension of the featured image on the Front Page template via the settings. You can use a custom CSS to change the height and width of the image but it will cause some visual issues:

    .front-recent-posts .entry-thumb img {
        width: 250px;
        height: 250px;




    It worked, thanks!


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    You are welcome!

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