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    I’m looking for the image dimensions to use for my blog post’s featured image. The goal is for the dimensions to fit the blogroll page without being cut off. I’m referring to the page where my blog posts all appear together in a three column layout.

    The portfolio dimensions are square so that’s easy. So far for the blog image I’ve tried 940 x 788 but that was too tall. I tried 560 x 315 but that was too wide. That’s in pixels BTW. I could play with it all day but if anyone knows off the top I’d be grateful.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    My apologies for the wait here – you’ll want your featured images to be square, approx. 500px x 500px for best results.

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    Square featured images look great on the portfolio.

    They are cut off on the blog roll. the blog roll images are not square, you are mistaken. I’ve been forcing it to work by putting square images onto a white rectangle and uploading that, but it really isn’t ideal.

    The bindery theme page says, “Featured Images for single posts are at least 2048 wide,” but with no suggestion for height.

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    Ah yes, sorry about that! If using 2048 wide for the blog featured images, I’d recommend using 1800px for the height there!


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