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    Hi there, I’m evaluating the Debut Theme for my Blog. I would like to understand if and if yes how I can have all the backgrounds in black. Home, Blog, etc.

    If adjusting colors would be possible through CSS – would there somebody available to do it for me? As I’m not really into this topic.

    I’m also experiancing that my current picture size (Theme Chateaux) might not fit the Debut width of a blog page and for the featured image. Would I have to resize all my pictures?


    The blog I need help with is:


    Theme Author

    Debut uses the WordPress Custom Background feature to set the background image or color. Setting the background to black is definitely doable and easy to do by default.

    Adjusting colors would require the Custom CSS upgrade and an understanding of CSS. We can provide general help with this, but not for a bunch of customizations.

    Your images will be automatically resized. It looks as though the images should be big enough, though it’s hard to tell. Almost all thumbnails displayed by the theme are done via setting a Featured Image. So, if nothing else, if an image didn’t look right, you could simply update the Featured Image.

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