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    I set a margin between articles.
    Although chrom is correctly reflected,
    IE is displayed as “separator”
    I can not reflect it well.

    Is there a good way to do it?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    I’m not sure if I understand what you are trying to do. The articles already have margin between them, what is the purpose of the separators?

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    It was reflected in Google Chrome,
    Internet Explorer does not reflect margins,
    It is displayed as a separator in text, and the margin is not reflected.

    I also want to set margins in Internet Explorer.
    Is there a good way to do that?

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    Please check with Internet Explorer once.

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    A pseudo-element might not work in IE, or might work differently than it will in other browsers. I don’t know if content: "separator"; is something that will work in all browsers.

    I would recommend simplifying this so that it is more consistent across all browsers.

    I think the issue is that you want each article to have a light green background, but you want a margin between them, with the white background of the page in those margins, is that correct?

    To do this, you should remove this custom CSS:

    #primary {
        background: #e6f6dc;
        padding: 25px;

    That is making the whole articles column have that green background, so that even though there are margins between the posts, they are green instead of white.

    And to try to fix this you are using pseudo-element separator as a work-around to force the white margins between the articles?

    I would remove that custom CSS as well:

    .blog .post::after {
        content: "separator";
        font-size: 0;
        line-height: 2rem;
        background-color: #FFF;
        width: 125%;
        margin-left: -25px;

    Then, you can add this CSS to target each individual article and give it a green background, without adding it to the primary column:, {
        background-color: #e6f6dc;
        padding: 25px;

    By doing it this way you will see the margins between the articles and they will be white. That is standard CSS and will work in all browsers.

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