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    In the drop down menu, up top, I have my sectionals- such as modern beauty- and once you click on modern beauty let’s say- it leads me to the modern beauty page with all of the stories of the same modern beauty theme- ok. Now, when I land here, I would like to have a little blurp of what the modern page actually means- let’s say “modern beauty concerns in the 21st century- but there’s no option to write this if not a general slogan that appears throughout all pages in the blog- which i don’t want for obvious reasons. Help?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hello frankiethemag,

    First of all, thanks for using the Adaline theme.

    You mean you’d like to customize the site description, on a per page basis?

    For example, on one page, you have this:

    And on another, you have this:

    This is actually possible with Custom CSS, but it will be kind of a pain to get it working for each page. I can walk you through it if you’d like.


    yes please


    Theme Author

    Okay, I’ve just requested access to your site.

    To start, can you give me an example of a page by providing the exact URL? And also, the custom description you’d like on that particular page?

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