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  • Hi Ben,

    Hope you are well. Wish you a great year this year.

    I’d like to ask the best dimensions for featured images. Also it would be good to know how theme crops images in carousel and in page..

    Many thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hey there! :)

    The image sizes the theme uses are:

    • 300 x 200
    • 930 x 500
    • 1250 x 600

    They are all wider than they are tall, so the best thing to do is keep the main content in the middle and be prepared for the sides to be removed.

    Thanks – Ben

  • Hi Ben,

    I got the image link from the post (, it’s taken as 1200×400:

    That size ratio is also what I see in carousel and in post page.

    I’d suggest the theme uses 2:1 ratio (I mean the sizes you mentioned above) in post page, not 3:1. With current size, the featured image is shown very tiny at the top.

    Many thanks.


  • Thanks for the feedback Onur. I totally see what you mean but unfortunately I’m not allowed to change the theme now that it’s public since it would affect a lot of peoples websites.

    If you had a business account I could give you a small plugin that changes the featured image size, but that would incur additional cost so probably isn’t ideal.

    Note that I don’t work for and wouldn’t gain anything if you did change your package. I’m just explaining a possible solution :)

    Thanks – Ben

  • Hi Ben,

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    I’m not in business account. I once upgraded into it, but drew back, since some of the features were lost which affected many posts.

    Mine was a suggestion, which, I believe, will increase the attractivity of the theme, which is already high. Maybe you can put it as a theme option in the future.

    Until then, maybe it’s better to write it in theme details. For a train website, 3:1 ratio still works, sometimes even makes photo more focused on train, but I believe it may be a problem for some others.

    Thanks for your help.

    Onur U.

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