Be able to control font, text size and text color throughout the whole page

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    Hello again and thank you for your previous answer.

    I have a couple of things you might be able to help me with. Again. I hope it’s not to complicated or detailed, I’ll try my best to explain it as simple as I can.

    The main issue is that I would like the CSS to be able to completely control the font, the text color, and the text size throughout my page.

    I have a vision that all texts on my page should be in the same color, size and font throughout the whole page. At the moment that is #0000ff, 25px, Libre Baskerville, but I am sure I will change it in the future. When hovering over titles and links I want the text to stay as it is but with an underline in the same color as the text).
    The problem is I havn’t been able to learn the CSS to control all this.
    I lack CSS for the following:

    1.MENU-WORDS: My old color (purple #7512f6) seems to linger on at some places. For instance when hovering over the menu words (work, about, contact) the underline is the old color.

    2. SITE TITLE: The site title (is now black and turns blue during mouse-over with a purple underline.) It is also too big, I want it in 25px)

    3. WIDGET: It is now black

    4. THE FOOTER CREDIT LINE: with my name and WordPress-credit. It is now black

    5. The words ”FURTHER PROJECTS” that appears on the bottom of each portfolio page

    6. TITLES: For example the title on the top that appears when entering a portfolio page, it is now black.

    7. FEATURED IMAGE MOUSE-OVER TEXT: As I mentioned I have been using Libre Baskerville size 25px. But I have notised that the titles appearing when hovering over the featured images on the static homepage is in Times New Roman (alt. Times Roman). How do I control this? I do like Times New Roman too, is it even possible to choose that font in the onigiri-theme?

    MANY MANY THANKS in advance!
    And I want to add that I really like the onigiri-theme, even though I seem grumpy.


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Original poster

    One more thing:
    As my base font I have chosen Libre Baskerville, large. I just realised that I like that size to dominate all the text on the page, I guess it’s smaller than 25px. Do you know the size?

    Thanks again!

    Theme Author

    Hi there,

    I’m so sorry for my late reply. I can help you a little bit further, but since all your questions are CSS customizations an not direct theme questions, unfortunately you would need to get more detailed help directly in the Custom CSS forum.

    1. You would need to change the border-bottom color here as well:

    #site-nav li:hover>a, #site-nav li li:hover>a, #mobile-menu-toggle {
        border-bottom-color: #0000ff;

    2. Please try the following:

    #site-branding h1 {
        font-size: 25px !important;

    3. Please try to add:

    .textwidget {
        color: #0000ff !important;

    4. Try to add:

    body, a, #site-branding h1 a {
        color: #0000ff !important;

    5. The Onigiri theme shows further projects by default.

    6. Should be resolved through 4.

    7. If you add the following CSS, the titles should be Libre Baskerville as well:

    .jetpack-portfolio-shortcode .entry-header h2.entry-title {
        font-family: 'Libre-Baskerville' !important;

    Best, Ellen

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