Banner video issue….

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    Love the site.
    Have had a day setting mine up, nearly there but suddenly the banner videos disappeared.
    They were the first things I set up, and they worked really well, I carried on down your support page and set up everything else, but somewhere along the line I must have disrupted something. –
    I have checked all your ‘video problems’ topics but no joy.
    It looks to me as there is now an endless “whorling beach ball of death” as I set the video links in the custom boxes…
    Any help or advice would be great!

    (banner video should be…

    The blog I need help with is:


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    I am continuing to see if I can fix this issue… and annoyingly at one point it worked again! (the banner video)


    I should have stopped then attempting to set up the second video again, I lost both of them! I am attempting to retrace my steps and see what I did to reinstate it…. I also want to try it on a PC (arhh!) to see if this might be a Mac OS issue….

    Still not working…


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    I just tested your site in Safari and Chrome on Mac, and both videos are playing just fine here.


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    Thanks for the fast reply!

    Yep.. working here too now.

    (I went to bed and it seemed to sort itself out whilst I stopped messing around with it!)
    will update if I ever work out what happened…

    Thanks again, site looking great, well worth the money!

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