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    This does’nt work in your document:

    “To change the order of your images in the slideshow:

    Hover over the gallery embedded in your post.
    Click the image icon that appears upon hovering.
    In the Edit Gallery screen, drag and drop images to change the order.
    You can also add, edit, and delete images in this screen.
    Click Update Gallery.
    Save the post.”

    The blog I need help with is samimsalonen.wordpress.com.


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    Hey again!

    Sorry you hear this isn’t working for you. Which step are you getting stuck on? Are you not seeing the buttons that are mentioned in the guide?


    I can’t drag and drop those images. They don’t move. I can remove and add images in the gallery but I can’t change the order of images. I have pc, windows 10.


    Now I know solution! Dragging and dropping in galleries is not working in Google chrome but in Firefox it is ok. Could you please fix the bug.


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    Oh! How interesting!

    Would you mind double-checking your version of Chrome is up-to-date? Also, do you have any extensions installed in your browser? You might want to try removing those and see it it helps.


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