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    My website is the online version of a printed magazine, which features stories written by many authors. Oxford has a great layout for magazines. However, I have tried and failed for the last day to figure out how to attribute the correct author to the correct story without asking all of my authors to join my WordPress account as additional “authors.” That’s simply not in their writing contract, and I want to be the sole creator of each post. However, that seems to mean I will be given credit for writing every story in the webpage post design. Each says “by Justin Engel.” Is there a way for me to change the author byline without creating users?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Hey there, Justin 👋

    Looking forward to seeing your site come together! When it’s ready, would you mind posting a message in these forums? I’d love to check it out!

    As it happens, the only way to to assign different authors to a post is to invite each new author to your blog. For your writers, this should be as easy as accepting an email invite. From there, you can take over and create the post — just be sure to switch to their author name from the drop-down menu at the very top of the single post edit page.

    Otherwise, I’d also suggest you reach out to the WordPress staff and see if they have any other ideas for you.

    Sorry that’s not exactly the answer you’re after! I wish it was easier.

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    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Glad to help, Justin 😀

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