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    Not sure if this was by design or an oversight, but the theme CSS is missing the code for displaying the “replay” icon when the Audio shortcode is used for a single audio file.

    I fixed this using Custom CSS as follows:

    .wayfarer-mejs-container.mejs-container .mejs-controls .mejs-replay button::before {
    	content: "\f10d";

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    Interesting, I’m not seeing that icon in development. Did you enable that button in a setting or via a shortcode parameter?

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I’d like to get it fixed if I can replicate things a bit.


    No, the icon is part of the Themicons font, so I just referenced the correct content value for it, as per the CSS I mentioned above. The issue isn’t about whether the icon exists (it does), it’s about the theme’s CSS not including the code necessary to display it.

    To replicate, add a single instance of the [audio] shortcode (with a URL to an audio file, of course). Navigate to the page containing the shortcode, and play the audio file. When the audio file has finished playing, the “play/pause” icons will disappear and should be replaced by the replay icon. However, the replay icon does not appear.


    To add…

    You won’t see this issue if inserting a playlist, as this icon is never visible with playlists. The issue is with single instance [audio] shortcode use.


    Theme Author

    Great, thanks for the additional information. When looking at the source code output by the MediaElements, there didn’t appear to be a button icon for replaying the track. It turns out a the “.mejs-replay” class is added to the play/pause button one the track has finished.

    In some cases there are differences between environments; local development
    vs. production; self-hosted vs It was helpful to know the icon displayed once the track was finished in which case I was able to better debug the issue.

    That said, I just pushed an update to display the play icon when the track has finished playing. Thanks again for the detailed report!


    You’re welcome. Glad it’s sorted. Actually, I had provided the CSS necessary to deal with the .mejs-replay class in my original post. :-)

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