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    Hi guys,

    Downloaded profile theme. great! (direct from wordpress)
    needed some help on:
    1) how to have the beautiful mac slideshow as shown in your profile demo?
    2) how to put the picture above the “Contact” title?
    3) how to have “I’m a professional dude” as a title different from “home”

    under theme options,
    i only have
    Template Options:
    Slideshow Title
    social options… (no layout option etc..)

    thanks so much!

    from : not a very literate computer user…

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi lintel

    1) The slider is shown automatically when the ‘Home’ page template is used. You will need to set the page using the ‘Home’ page template as your home page, via Settings –> Reading. The slider itself shows posts of a certain tag, this can also be setup via Settings –> Reading

    2) This is the featured image for the page in question

    3) Set your home page (the title of that page will show where the ‘I’m a professional dude’ text is), then create a custom menu item for the ‘Home’ page link (Appearance –> Menus).


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