Assigning certain projects to certain pages

  • How do you assign certain projects to certain pages?

    Example: I created a page called “New Work” and made it a portfolio template under Page Attributes. I then created individual projects. I also created New Work as a Project Types and then assigned the individual projects with the appropriate project types. But when I go the New Work page it displays all the projects I created, not just the ones assigned New Work in under Project Types.

    How can I get only New Work project types to only display on the New Work page?

    This question has been asked several times on this forum but has not really not been answered.

    Thanks for your help on resolving this issue.

  • I logged into my site with the added /wp-admin and I’m familiar with the Classic Editor but I still see no way to add certain projects to certain pages. Can you please give the steps to make this happen? Where can I make the changes I’m looking for? Please explain the steps. Saying to log in to the classic editor is only the first step, what is step two, step three?

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