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    I added photos to the marquee and, when scrolling through, noted that all of the photos with a portrait aspect were truncated and only showed the middle part of the picture. I resized according to the height of the landscape photo (assuming that they would now be displayed with black sections on either side) but the image was still truncated, showing only the middle part of the picture.

    How do I get my portrait aspect photos to show properly in the marquee?

    Also, I want to have a news page for blog posts, however, when I go to Settings/Reading and choose ‘front page displays’ as a static page, the Home page doesn’t appear in the drop down selection list. I have the Home page set as a custom page on the menu. Therefore, when I select my posts page as ‘News’, I don’t have an option to select ‘Home’ for my front static page.

    Just selecting the News page for posts and not altering any other setting, removes my homepage and completely messes up the site. I have to select front page displays Your Latest Posts for everything to work the way I want.

    Please can you tell me what to do and in the simplest terms.

    Scott Christie

    The blog I need help with is:


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    WordPress crops images to fit the designated area. When doing so, images are cropped to the center. I’d recommend cropping the images to a 16:9 aspect ratio, then set that image as the featured image.

    For the front page option, all published pages will display in the drop-down. Be sure you’ve created and published a page for the Home page. When published, that page will display as on option in both the Front page and Posts page drop-down menus.

    When using the “Static page” option, you’ll want to be sure to set a Front page and Posts page.

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