Archives STILL 5 months later not showing all blog posts!!

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    The issue with the blog posts from a category tag not showing all those posted to that category is STILL not resolved …

    WordPress just featured my blog highlighting the BASIS theme .. but I am about to change AGAIN unless you can fix it ..

    When someone is trying to look for posts on a location they can’t see all attached to a category when they click on a location link … it’s annoying and surely a simple fix ????

    When are you going to get around to correcting this bug???? PLEASSSSSE

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi there,

    Could you give us a link to a specific archive where this is happening? I just tried a couple of your “Destination” archives, and additional posts are correctly added to the bottom of the page when I scroll down, so it appears that all of the posts in the archives do become available eventually.

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    What does eventually mean ??? This link is a good example –

    and this post is an example of something that doesn’t show up ??? along with this one and many others …


    Ah, ok, I see what you’re saying.

    To clarify, is set up to “scroll infinitely”, so that when you are scrolling down an archive page, like the one for your Michigan category, it will keep loading more posts at the bottom as you go until all the posts in that category have loaded. That’s what I meant by “eventually”.

    In this case, for some reason your “Michigan” posts from before February 2nd, 2012, are not loading. I’m going to loop in a staffer to help us figure out what’s going on.

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    Thanks – appreciate you trying to help me get to the bottom of it – LOL – pun was not intended : )


    Hi there!

    Working with the team, we identified the issue and have deployed a fix. I have confirmed that your “Michigan” category archive now has a way to load more posts at the bottom by clicking “Older Posts”.

    Thanks for hanging in there while we figured this out.

    Original poster

    Thanks – yay – all is working : )

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