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    we are planning to build an android application, which is connected the wordpress DB.

    so the android Team asked a API from the Website to Connect the Android App to the Website DB.

    How can i get the API For my Website, I am using the Carmack theme for my website.

    THank you appreciate quick responses.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    Hi there – thanks for the message. However this isn’t a theme related question. The theme takes care of how the site looks, not how it works.

    WordPress has a rest api – the docs for that are here:

    Unfortunately support for the REST api is outside the scope of the support that I can offer (I know very little about it), but hopefully the docs will point your developers in the right direction.

    If not the support team can be contacted here:

    Hope that helps – all the best – Ben

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