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    First of all, i really like the design of Onigiri.

    I wondered if you can align the text on the left side in projectpages, instead of centered?
    My website is used as portfolio for my writingprojects. In some case i also publish my short stories or poems, and in that case it would be better if the text could be aligned on the left.

    For example on this projectpage:

    With, kand regards,

    The blog I need help with is:


    Theme Author

    Hi Thomas,

    I’m so sorry for my late reply to your question. Please excuse me for this.

    I’m very happy that you like the Onigiri theme design, thanks so much for your feedback.

    You could customise that by changing the alignment of each post individually.

    Alternatively you can change the CSS via the Custom CSS option like so:

    .site-content .page {
        text-align: left !important;

    Best Regards and thanks a lot for your patience,

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