Align video centre on Silvio

  • Silvio theme: When I place youtube links on the post, I’m unable to align them centre. How do I correct that? Check the link below for example:

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi drsreekarh,
    Thank you for writing ans using Silvio.

    To center a video, go to the “Text” tab on your WordPress editor and paste the code:

    <div align=”center”>[YouTube Video Embed Code]</div>

    where [YouTube Video Embed Code] is the embed code of the YouTube video you like.

    Also, you can add this CSS , and will center all the videos you add in the future automatically

    .embed-vimeo iframe, .embed-youtube iframe {
       margin-left: auto !important;
       margin-right: auto !important;

    Also, I have seen how the content of your website is not positioned correctly in resolutions less than 1000px. You can correct that error by adding this CSS:

    .single .hentry > .container > .row > .col-xs-12 {
       margin-left: 0;

    Hope this helps.
    Thank you again!
    Alfonso S. from SiloCreativo

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